Bioenergy and agricultural commodities

Rising demand for land-based products such as food, feed, fiber and bioenergy as well as for land-based services such as carbon storage or biodiversity conservation is creating competition for land that is likely to strongly increase in the future. Competing interests result in land-use conflicts such as those between conservation and agricultural production, between food and feed or between crops for export and crops for domestic consumption.>

Trade-offs are numerous and sustainability outcomes not always easy to assess. Major controversy is surrounding the production of bioenergy feedstocks, for instance, as their social, environmental and climate change mitigation impacts are unclear.

We are interested in different land-use conflicts which result from the increasingly globalized demand for land-based products and services. For example, we examine recent land-use changes related to the cultivation of agricultural export commodities in the global South and their implications for local livelihoods and food security. Here, relevant trade-offs include those between food sovereignty and the benefits of market liberalization; and between agricultural production, biodiversity conservation and carbon storage. Other related activities can be accessed here: