Fuss, S.

Implications of deep decarbonization pathways for sustainable development

in In: What Next for Sustainable Development? Our Common Future at Thirty, eds. G Meadowcroft, J., Banister, D., Holden, E., Langhelle, O., Linnerud, K., Gilpin, Edward Elgar Publishing: 76–95, 16.10.2019

Bücher , Applied Sustainability Sciences , Sustainable Resource Management and Global Change

This book examines the international experience with sustainable development since the concept was brought to world-wide attention in Our Common Future, the 1987 report of the World Commission on Environment and Development. Scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds engage with three critical themes: negotiating environmental limits; equity, environment and development; and transitions and transformations. In light of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals recently adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, they ask what lies ahead for sustainable development.

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