Dr. Lion Hirth


Dr. Lion Hirth

Research Interest

Lion's interest lies in electricity markets and wind and solar power. He has worked on market and system integration of variable renewables, the economics of variability, power economics and electricity market design, policy instruments, and balancing power. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis on The Economics of Wind and Solar Variability.

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Lion Hirth is research fellow at MCC. He is assistant professor at Hertie School of Governance, a public policy school, and director of Neon, a consulting firm. Lion holds a Ph.D. in energy economics, a Diploma in economics, and a Magister in political science. He has taught classes on energy economics and policy at different universities. Acting as secretary of Strommarkttreffen, he manages a network of 1500+ energy professionals in research, policy, and industry. Lion has developed and maintains the open-source power market model EMMA. His articles, published inter alia in Energy Economics and The Energy Journal, have won several awards. Lion has a daughter and lives in Berlin. view resume (pdf)


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Aktuelle Publikationen

Hirth, L.; Steckel, J.C., 2016

The role of capital costs in decarbonizing the electricity sector

Peer Review
Hirth, L., 2016

The benefits of flexibility: The value of wind energy with hydropower

Applied Energy
Peer Review
Nahmmacher, P.; Schmid, E.; Hirth, L.; Knopf, B., 2016

Carpe diem: A novel approach to select representative days for long-term power system modeling

Peer Review
Hirth, L.; Ueckerdt, F.; Edenhofer, O., 2016

Why Wind Is Not Coal: On the Economics of Electricity Generation

The Energy Journal
Peer Review
Hirth, L.; Müller, S., 2016

System-friendly Wind Power

Energy Economics
Peer Review

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