Raavi Aggarwal

PhD student

 Raavi Aggarwal

Raavi Aggarwal is a PhD candidate and researcher in the “Climate and Development” working group, focusing on the following topics:

  • Household energy transitions and distributional impacts of carbon pricing policies in Uganda
  • Development impacts of energy pricing policies in SSA
  • Patterns of structural change and green industrialisation processes in India

Raavi studied economics, with a focus on environment and development, at the Paris School of Economics, University College London and the University of Delhi.



Works in progress


1. Aggarwal, R., Ayhan, S., Jakob, M. and Steckel, J. C. (2021). Carbon pricing and household welfare: Evidence from Uganda. Duke Global Working Paper Series No. 38. Link


2. Aggarwal, R. and Steckel, J. C. (2022). Collective Model of Firewood Consumption, Production, and Labour Supply: Evidence from Malawi. Beiträge zur Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik 2022: Big Data in Economics, ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Kiel, Hamburg Conference Paper. Link


3. Optimal emissions pricing in LMICs accounting for household emissions from traditional cooking (with Leonard Missbach, E. Somanathan, Jan Steckel and Thomas Sterner).


4. Aggarwal, R. (2019). Industrial Policies in India: Did they work? CSE Working Paper 2019-05, Azim Premji University. Link



Latest Publications

Aggarwal, R., 2020

Impacts of climate shocks on household consumption and inequality in India

Environment and Development Economics
Peer Review