Dr. Mareike Blum


Dr. Mareike Blum

Mareike Blum is a Postdoctoral researcher and works in the “Assessments and Scientific Policy Advice” (SEP) group. In the Ariadne project, she conducts the accompanying research of the citizen deliberation with empirical social science methods. She explores the process and the impacts of a value-based deliberation as part of a knowledge co-production at the science-policy interface.

Mareike Blum studied social sciences in interdisciplinary study programs with a focus on Political Sciences, Sociology and Governance studies in Passau and Freiburg. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Governance and Public Policy and a Master of Science in Environmental Governance. After her master studies, she worked 5 years as research associate at the University of Freiburg, where she also completed her Ph.D. at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy. In her doctoral thesis, she examined the discursive legitimation and de-legitimation of transnational climate governance using the example of the global carbon offset markets.

Research interests:

  • Legitimacy and controversies in climate governance
  • Knowledge co-production in sustainability research
  • The role of ideas, values and discourses in political processes



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Latest Publications

Blum, M., Colell, A., Treichel, K. , 2022

Deliberation: Neue Räume für die Aushandlung von Politikoptionen

Umkämpfte Zukunft. Zum Verhältnis von Nachhaltigkeit, Demokratie und Konflikt
Treichel, K., Blum, M., Kowarsch, M., 2022

Report: Bürgersichten auf zukünftige Energiewelten – Ergebnisse der Ariadne-Bürgerkonferenz

Blum, M., Colell, A., Hoffmann, J., Karohs, K., Kowarsch, M., Krude, M., Saur, M., Thiel, H. , 2021

Was ist uns wichtig bei Verkehrs- und Stromwende? Bürgerinnen und Bürger sprechen über Herausforderungen und Ziele