Dr. Arwen Colell

Policy Analyst

Dr. Arwen Colell

Arwen Colell is a Policy Analyst and part of the MCC Policy Unit as well as the working group on Applied Sustainability Sciences. Her work centres on the energy transition in the electricity and transportation sectors, and the negotiation processes required between politics, sciences, industries and society to develop policy options that answer to these diverse values and priorities.

Before Arwen came to MCC to support Brigitte Knopf in building the Policy Unit, she was a project leader in the energy and e-mobility industry. Arwen studied political science in Germany, Japan, and the US. Her PhD research at the Bavarian School of Public Policy (Technical University of Munich) focused on social innovations in the energy transition. Her thesis was the first social science research to receive the energy award of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy in 2020.

In the Kopernikus-project Ariadne, Arwen contributes to the working packages on renewable energies in the electricity sector and transportation. Her focus lies with the integration of citizen perspectives in Ariadne research.

Latest Publications

Blum, M., Colell, A., Hoffmann, J., Karohs, K., Kowarsch, M., Krude, M., Saur, M., Thiel, H. , 2021

Was ist uns wichtig bei Verkehrs- und Stromwende? Bürgerinnen und Bürger sprechen über Herausforderungen und Ziele

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Ausstieg aus fossilen Energieträgern - wie gelingt eine faire Systemtransformation