Dr. Aneeque Javaid


Dr. Aneeque Javaid

Dr. Aneeque Javaid is a researcher in the working group land use, infrastructure, and transport. He works at the intersection of behavioral, institutional and environmental economics. 

At MCC his work is concentrated on two broad issues:

  • The role of behavioral sciences in transition to low-carbon transportation in cities.
  • Demand-side solutions to Climate change mitigation.

Additionally, he is also interested in how individuals as well as groups view decisions which affect their future outcomes, why people engage in environmentally destructive behavior, and the behavioral political economy of climate change mitigation and adaptation.  

Most of his work employs experimental or other empirical economic methods. However, he also has some experience with agent-based modeling.

Latest Publications

Ayaragarnchanakul, E., Creutzig, F., Javaid, A., & Puttanapong, N., 2022

Choosing a Mode in Bangkok: Room for Shared Mobility?

Peer Review
Khanna, T., Baiocchi, G., Callaghan, M., Creutzig, F., Guias, H., Haddaway, N., Hirth, L., Javaid, A., Koch, N., Laukemper, S., Löschel, A., Zamora, M., Minx, J., 2021

A multi-country meta-analysis on the role of behavioral change in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in residential buildings

Nature Energy
Peer Review