Niccolò Manych

PhD student

 Niccolò Manych

Niccolò Manych is PhD candidate and researcher in the „Climate and Development“ working group with a focus on the following topics:

  • Political economy of energy transition
  • International financing for coal plants

Niccolò studied industrial engineering with a focus on energy and resource management at the TU Berlin and the Universiteit Twente. Prior to joining the MCC he worked for the Department of Energy and Resource Management at the TU Berlin and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Latest Publications

Manych, N., Steckel, J., Jakob, M., 2021

Finance-based accounting of coal emissions

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review
Kriegler, E., Gulde, R., Colell, A., von Hirschhausen, C., Minx, J. C., Oei, P.-Y., Yanguas-Parra, P., Bauer, N., Brauers, H., Broska, L. H., Groh, E., Hagen, A., Hainsch, K., Holz, F., Hübler, M., Jakob, M., Khabbazan, M. M., Leimbach, M., Manych, N., Montes de Oca León, M., Ohlendorf, N., Osorio, S., Pahle, M., Reutter, L., Shamon, H., Steckel, J., Strefler, J., Vance, C., Vögele, S., von Wangenheim, G., Walk, P., Wittenberg, I., Zundel, S. , 2020

Ausstieg aus fossilen Energieträgern - wie gelingt eine faire Systemtransformation