Dr. Alexander Rohlf


Dr. Alexander Rohlf

Dr. Alexander Rohlf joined the working group Sustainable Resource Management and Global Change as a research fellow in May 2018. Trained as an applied econometrician and empirical economists, he is a member of the MCC team for mobility and transportation projects with a focus on transformation processes, large mobility databases and policy design. He also contributes to projects within the recently established Policy Evaluation Lab and has previously conducted research in the fields of "International Trade and the Environment" and "International Finance". His expertise includes working with large-scale datasets on the firm-level and on the spatial distribution of pollutant emissions and combining spatial datasets (e.g. GPS data) with GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software in order to harness their potential for the econometric analysis of policy options and causal economic relationships.

After completing his studies in Economics at the University of Heidelberg, Alexander joined the PhD program (CDSE/GESS) at the University of Mannheim and finished his dissertation project titled "Exploring transition processes in Germany with environmental data" in spring 2020. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Ulrich Wagner and Prof. Sebastian Findeisen and expands on the job market paper "Did Globalization help Germany become cleaner? " and the published paper "The Effect of Emission Information on Housing Prices" by adding an in-depth analysis of the underlying data sources. During his studies, Alexander also obtained a bachelor-equivalent degree in Physics from the University of Heidelberg and pursued his research interests as a visiting scholar at the University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia, USA) and the University of California (Berkeley, California, USA).

Curriculum vitae

Detailed CV (Updated: Summer 2020)


Rohlf, A., Holub, F., Koch, N., Ritter, N. (2020): The effect of clean air on pharmaceutical expenditures, Economics Letters, Volume 192, 109221.

von Graevenitz, K., Roemer, D., Rohlf, A. (2018): The Effect of Emission Information on Housing Prices - Quasi-experimental evidence from the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, Environmental and Resource Economics, 69(1), 23-74.

Recent working papers

Koch, N., Nguyen, P., Ritter, N., Rohlf, A. (2020): Machine Learning from Big GPS Data about the Costs of Congestion, Working Paper.

Klauber, H., Holub, F., Koch, N., Pestel, N., Ritter, N., Rohlf, A. (2020): Killing Prescriptions Softly: Low Emission Zones and Child Health from Birth to School, Working Paper.

Rohlf, A. (2020): Did Globalization help Germany become cleaner? - The effect of increasing Import/Export Exposure on local air pollution, Working Paper.

Rohlf, A. (2014): Detecting Shifts in US Monetary Policy before the Financial Crisis of 2008 - Taylor Rules, Breakpoint Tests and Narrative Evidence as Means of Evalua

Latest Publications

Rohlf, A., Holub, F., Koch, N., Ritter, N., 2020
The effect of clean air on pharmaceutical expenditures

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