Dr. Hauke Ward (né Schult)


Dr. Hauke Ward (né Schult)

Hauke Ward is a member of the MCC research group Climate and Development. He holds a PhD in economics (TU Berlin) and a M.Sc. in mathematics (Georg-August University Göttingen). He is interested in understanding the role of technology within (complex) global production networks and emission reduction potentials through improved accessibility to efficient technology. Furthermore, his research is investigating the role of energy provision and changing sectoral structures within economic development.

Research interests

  • Economic structures
  • Role of energy within development processes
  • High detailed, global production networks (MRIO data)
  • Production technology, also with regard to current and future emissions

Curriculum vitae


Working Paper

Ward, H., J.C. Steckel, M. Jakob: Climate Policy, Competitiveness and Distributional Effects in a Globalized World. Workingpaper available on request. 

Radebach, A., J. C. Steckel, H. WardPatterns of Structural Change. Empirical Evidence from Similarity Networks. Working Paper available on request.



Latest Publications

Edenhofer, O., Flachsland, C., Arlinghaus, J., Haywood, L., Kalkuhl, M., Knopf, B., Koch, N., Kornek, U., Pahle, M., Pietzcker, R., Steckel, J., Ward, H., 2018

Eckpunkte einer CO2-Preisreform für Deutschland

MCC Working Paper No. 1
Forin, S.; Radebach, A.; Steckel, J.C.; Ward, H., 2018

The effect of industry delocalization on global energy use: A global sectoral perspective

Energy Economics
Peer Review
Ward, H.; Wenz, L.; Steckel, J.C.; Minx, J.C., 2017

Truncation Error Estimates in Process Life Cycle Assessment Using Input-Output Analysis

Journal of Industrial Ecology
Peer Review
Ward, H.; Radebach, A.; Vierhaus, I.; Fügenschuh, A.; Steckel, J.C., 2017

Reducing global CO2 emissions with the technologies we have

Resource and Energy Economics
Peer Review
Radebach, A.; Steckel, J. C.; Ward, H., 2016

Patterns of Sectoral Structural Change – Empirical Evidence from Similarity Networks

Social Science Research Network

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