November 29-30:

Pre-COP24 Conference at MCC Berlin




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The Politics of Coal in the Context of Climate Policy and Social Justice

Pre-COP24 Conference, November 29–30, 2018, Berlin

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Even though the costs of renewable energy sources have declined considerably, the construction of new coal power plants is envisaged in most parts of the world. This trend is most salient in developing countries that aim to meet their rapidly increasing energy demand. If all coal power plants that are currently under construction or in the planning stage were actually built, the target of keeping global temperature increase well below 2°C, as stated in the Paris agreement, would very likely be out of reach. While the ‘Powering Past Coal Alliance’ formed at COP23 in Bonn has put the topic high on the international agenda, countries that continue investing into coal are not part of it.

To discuss what could be politically feasible entry points to transition away from coal, this workshop aims to assemble researchers, policy makers and stakeholders from industry and civil society. Based on expert assessment and experiences from countries that successfully managed such transitions, the workshop aims at identifying opportunities and challenges of clean energy transitions and outline best practices, in particular regarding the design of socially just energy and climate policies. These insights are intended to serve as background information for negotiators at COP24. In addition, the conference aims to strengthen the ties within the community dealing with coal transitions and promote long term cooperation.

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