Marcel Dorsch


 Marcel Dorsch

Marcel J. Dorsch is a researcher at the working group Governance. At MCC he works as a political scientist on multi-actor and multi-level climate governance.

His current research projects include:

  • Narrative and governance of the Global Commons
  • Concept of polycentric global climate governance
  • Strategic transfers in the EU ETS policy process
  • Processes of institutionalization in global climate governance, in particular from a public sphere theory perspective.

Marcel studied political science, sociology, pedagogy, psychology and philosophy in Würzburg and Paris, obtaining a master’s degree in political science and a Diploma degree in pedagogy (with distinction). Marcel was awarded with a scholarship from the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation and worked as a student assistant and tutor at the institute for political science and social research in Würzburg. In 2012 and 2013 he worked at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in the field of international cooperation with emerging economies.

Curriculum vitae

Detailed CV.


Dorsch, M.J. und Flachsland, C. (2017): A Polycentric Approach to Global Climate Governance. Global Environmental Politics, 17-2.

Kowarsch, M., Garard, J., Riousset, P., Lenzi, D., Dorsch, M.J., Knopf, B., Harrs, J.-A. und Edenhofer, O. (2016): Scientific assessments to facilitate deliberative policy learning. Palgrace Communications 2. 

Dorsch, M.J. (2012). Die Kunst, nicht dermaßen regiert zu werden – eine Kritik der Öffentlichkeit mit Habermas und Foucault. perspektiven ds 01/12: 81-95.

Since 2016 Contributing author International Panel on Social Progress.

In Preparation

Dorsch, M.J., Kornek, U. und Flachsland, C. Enhancing climate policy ambition using strategic transfers: allowance allocation and revenue spending in the EU ETS.

Dorsch, M.J. and Flachsland, C. The Increasing Contestation of the Global Climate Commons. 

Dorsch, M.J. and Flachsland, C. Global Publics and their Commons? Challenging global resource claims in a multi-level world (2014 Working Paper).

Latest Publications

Dorsch, M.J.; Flachsland, C., 2017

A Polycentric Approach to Global Climate Governance

Global Environmental Politics
Peer Review
Kowarsch, M.; Garard, J.; Riousset, P.; Lenzi, D.; Dorsch, M.J., Knopf, B.; Harrs, J.-A. Edenhofer, O., 2016

Scientific assessments to facilitate deliberative policy learning

Palgrave Communications
Peer Review
Dorsch, Marcel; Flachsland, Christian, 2015

Re-visiting the Ostroms: Elements of a theory of polycentric global climate governance

Dorsch, Marcel; Flachsland Christian, 2015

Examining Ostrom’s Polycentric Approach To Global Climate Governance


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