Less debt through carbon pricing

Emission pricing is one of the most important ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It does not only help the environment - but also the tax policy.

In May 2014 the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) organized a conference on climate policy in the context of finance policy. International outstanding scientists came together to this Public Finance Workshop. The aim of the MCC was not only to bring forward the academic discussion on this topic. Moreover, the awareness of the relevance of this research should be strengthened among policy makers. For this purpose the scientists seek to identify new path ways that allow fair apraisal: between the management of long term climate risks on the one hand and short term concerns on ecenomic growth, for instance, on the other hand.

Watching this video you will see who of the well-respected scientists discussed the specific examples of carbon pricing in Europe, Australia and China. Here you can learn which states could how much reduce their debt, what could be taken from mistakes in the past - and how the challenge of international cooperation could be overcome.

Here you will find additional 5 video interviews with
Ottmar Edenhofer
Martin Weitzman
Gilbert E. Metcalf
Lawrence Goulder
Jan Siegmeier.

Furtheremore, you will find here in several videos all the orginial talks held at the first day of the Public Finance Workshop. You can also download the presentations.

Also, you will find here in several videos all the orginial talks held at the second day of the Public Finance Workshop. Again you can download the presentations.