Ottmar Edenhofer explains "knowledge maps" and the IPCC report.


Berlin. MCC director Ottmar Edenhofer explains to „Tagesspiegel Köpfe“, the capital’s daily’s business magazine, how the institute explores sustainable economic development as well as the use of commons such as global environmental systems and social infrastructures against the background of climate change. “We generate knowledge maps about the opportunities and risks of different paths to sustainability”, he said. Furthermore, he describes why the MCC is located at the EUREF campus.

In addition, interviewed by „TU intern“, the magazine of Technische Universität Berlin, Edenhofer explains the results of the fifth assessment report of the IPCC’s workings group III. “The longer we wait, the greater the risks will become”, he said. “It is now clearly proven that a lot of the climate change we see today is due to coal, oil, gas and deforestation.” His conclusion: CO2 should be more expensive and the European trading system must be reformed. “The emission rights should be auctioned, all sectors be included, a CO2 minimum price be established and also an emission target credibly announced until 2023.”

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