Technology against climate change

MCC director Ottmar Edenhofer has shown within the IPCC that there are several mitigation pathways to lead to the 2 degree target. In this video he explains which portfolio of technologies is necessary.


Working Group III of the IPCC assessed the options for mitigating climate change and their underlying technological, economic and institutional requirements. “The report shows very clearly: We need a fundamental departure from the business as usual scenario”, says MCC director Ottmar Edenhofer, who served as a co-chair for WG III in this video. “We need a broad portfolio of technologies ranging from the renewables, carbon capture and storage to nuclear power, energy efficiency improvements and a transition of almost all the sectors.”



Thus, the IPCC has explored the whole solution space in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time it informed the decision makers about the costs, the risks and about the benefits of the pathways to achieve low stabilization levels.  “Working Group III would like to be a map maker, wants to provide policy relevant information whit without being policy prescriptive”, says Edenhofer. “To give policy makers a way to overlook the whole landscape and provide information about the path performance in order to give them information about what they could do in the future.”