We regularly publish policy briefs that synthesize our generated insights and the gathered evidence in a form that is accessible to the public to stimulate broad public discussion.



Policy Brief No. 1 presents the most pressing concerns for policy makers and industry identified by the climate sciences. It highlights different decarbonization pathways in line with the Paris goal of limiting warming to well below 2°C and in line with other sustainability objectives.

Policy Brief No. 2 seeks to identify effective policy instruments to address pervasive climate change, local pollution and congestion problems from road transportation. It offers an overview of existing policy instruments and the current state of empirical research regarding their impacts. 

Policy Brief No. 3 describes the environmental burdens of current and future passenger cars based on a state-of-the-art Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The analysis includes battery or fuel cell electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and conventional vehicles with combustion engines.

Policy paper No. 1 (in German only) discusses the potentials and limitations of greenhouse gas compensation through afforestation projects in the transport sector.

Policy Brief No. 4 discusses policies to accelerate clean car roll-out. It synthesizes evidence on the effectiveness of low emission zones and scrappage programs in improving air quality and human health.

Policy Brief No. 5 evaluates the benefits and shortcomings of synthetic fuels from renewable electricity ("e-fuel") as a technology option to overcome decarbonization bottlenecks in road transportation and non-electric energy demand, in general.

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