Research initiative on the future of global environmental assessment-making

Cooperation with UNEP

The core objective of this research initiative is to enhance the understanding of global environmental assessment making, in order to develop options for improving future practices, while taking into account the changing political context. The initiative will primarily focus on UNEP’s Global Environment Outlook (GEO) flagship assessment series, besides other global environmental assessments. In view of the increasing demand for solution-orientated assessments that can help attain environmental policy objectives, there will be a special focus on strengthening the procedural and methodological options for carrying out and integrating solution-oriented policy assessments through global environmental assessments. More

Options market and risk-reduction tools for REDD+

Cooperation with EDF, IIASA, and LSE; funded by NORAD

The introduction of the international forest conservation program REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) has been followed by great interest not only by governments and civil society members, but also by private sector stakeholders. While the recent climate talks have shown some progress in clarifying some central institutional questions with regards to REDD+, many open questions remain, especially with regards to REDD+ finance. Therefore, private sector stakeholders interested in buying REDD+ credits operate in an uncertain environment. 

At the same time, private sector capital is necessary to mitigate deforestation and climate change effectively and at scale also in the absence of global governance mechanisms. In this project, researchers at the MCC’s "Resources and Global Change" working group have examined the financing mechanisms and contractual arrangements that can reduce risk and allow for up-front investment in REDD+. More

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