Themen für Masterarbeiten

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Matthias Kalkuhl (Universität Potsdam)



Students with an interest in the economics of Climate Change can either approach us with own proposals related to our working Group or address one of the research topics listed below.

Although it is not necessary, we recommend you to have successfully taken the courses of Prof. Dr. Kalkuhl at the University of Potsdam. Please send Student ID number and the most recent Transcript of records with a request for writing a Master thesis.

If you whish to work on your own topic, please write a brief synopsis about 1-2 pages which helps us to understand your interest, your topic, your background and your motivation. Please also list the scientific work you have written so far (Seminar papers, Bachelor Thesis, etc.). Moreover, stress your basic research question and the methodology you intend to apply (empirical, theoretical, synthesis of knowledge, etc.).  We want to know:

  • Why is your topic relevant
  • What is the scientific standing (recent discussion)
  • What is the empirical and theoretical fundament
  • What methods and/or model will be applied

For further information on our research areas, visit our webpage. Applications can be sent to kalkuhl(at) For topics we state below, no synopsis is required.



  •  Energy use of the digital economy