Economic Growth

Research on economic growth patterns

This working group explores the relation between economic growth, climate change and sustainable development in a naturally bounded world.

Land Use, Infrastructure and Transport

Geographical utilization and urbanization

This working group explores the dynamics of urbanization, transport systems, ground rents and alternative land use options.

Resources and global change

Sustainable Resource Management

The "Sustainable Resource Management and Global Change" Working Group explores the functioning and design of instruments for sustainable resource management and the provision of public goods..


Multi-level Governance

This working group examines policy instruments and different governance options for advancing an effective and democratically legitimate sustainability transformation in a polycentric world with multiple political levels.

Scientific Assessments, Ethics, and Public Policy

Conflicting stakes

This working group primarily examines design options for integrated assessment-making in the context of public policy processes, and in particular how related ethical issues and conflicting stakes can be treated appropriately in assessments.

Climate and Development

* Jointly with TU Berlin *

This working group explores the interrelation between sustainable development processes and climate change mitigation. The role of structural change for climate change mitigation is in particular relevant for our research. The group's research is driven by the question whether building up industrial structures and infrastructure are necessary for economic development and whether this might lead to path dependencies relevant for climate change.

Applied Sustainability Science

Adequate policy instruments in a globalized world

The MCC Working Group on Applied Sustainability Analysis (APSIS) analyzes geographical patterns of production and consumption as well as the extraction and trade of raw materials in the world economy.

Task Force Public Economics

This cross-cutting task force assesses the implications of sustainable management of commons for public finance.