Kowarsch, M., Jabbour, J., Flachsland, C., Kok, M.T.J., Watson, Sir R., Haas, P.M., Minx, J.C., Alcamo, J., Garard, J., Riousset, P., Pintér, L., Langford, C., Yamineva, Y., von Stechow, C., O’Reilly, J.; Edenhofer, O.

A road map for global environmental assessments

in Nature Climate Change, 31.05.2017

Peer Review , Applied Sustainability Sciences , Directorate , Scientific Assessments, Ethics, and Public Policy

Increasing demand for solution-oriented environmental assessments brings significant opportunities and challenges at the science–policy–society interface. Solution-oriented assessments should enable inclusive deliberative learning processes about policy alternatives and their practical consequences.