Creutzig, F., Bren d'Amour, C., Weddige, U., Fuss, S., Beringer, T., Gläser, A, Kalkuhl, M., Steckel, J. C., Radebach, A., Edenhofer, O.

Assessing human and environmental pressures of global land-use change 2000–2010

in Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 09.01.2019

Peer Review , Sustainable Resource Management and Global Change , Land Use, Infrastructure and Transport , Climate and Development , Director , Applied Sustainability Sciences , Economic Growth and Human Development

Global land is turning into an increasingly scarce resource. We here present a comprehensive assessment of co-occuring land-use change from 2000 until 2010, compiling existing spatially explicit data sources for different land uses, and building on a rich literature addressing specific land-use changes in all world regions. This review systematically categorizes patterns of land use, including regional urbanization and agricultural expansion but also globally telecoupled land-use change for all world regions. Managing land-use change patterns across the globe requires global governance.