Sohail Ahmad


 Sohail Ahmad

Sohail Ahmad is a Humboldt Research Fellow in the working group “Land Use, Infrastructure and Transport” at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC), Berlin with join affiliation with Technische Universität Berlin. His research focuses on: 

  • Exploring low-carbon urban development options in South Asian cities
  • Empirically investigating nexus among health, environment, and energy 
  • Estimating demand for housing and its attributes
  • Assessing socio-spatial exclusion and its determinants

Previously he taught at the School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada. He was a JSPS-UNU postdoctoral fellow at the Sustainable Urban Futures Programme at the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies with joint affiliation to the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Sohail Ahmad received his PhD in City Planning from Seoul National University, and holds a Master of Planning (Urban Planning) from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Ahmad was a World Social Science Fellow (Sustainable Urbanization) in 2014 and a Green Talent in 2013.


Peer-Reviewed Publications (Selection)

Ahmad, S., Avtar, R., Sethi, M., & Surjan, A. (2016). Delhi's land cover change in post transit era. Cities, 50, 111-118.

Ahmad, S., Baiocchi, G., & Creutzig, F. (2015). CO2 emissions from direct energy use of urban households in India. Environmental Science & Technology, 49 (19) 11312-11320.

Ahmad, S., & de Oliveira, J. A. P. (2015). Fuel Switching in Slum and Non-slum Households in Urban India. Journal of Cleaner Production, 94, 130-136.  

Ahmad, S. (2015): Housing demand and housing policy in urban Bangladesh. Urban Studies 52 (4) 738-755. 

Ahmad, S., Mathai, M.V. and Govindan, P. (2014): Household Electricity Access, Availability and Human Well-being: Evidence from India. Energy Policy 69: 308-315. 

Doll, C.N.H., Dreyfus, M., Ahmad, S. and Balaban, O. (2013): Institutional framework for urban development with co-benefits: The Indian experience. Journal of Cleaner Production 58: 121-129 

Ahmad, S., Balaban, O., Doll, C.N.H. and Dreyfus, M. (2013): Delhi revisited. Cities 31: 641-653.  

Ahmad, S., Choi, M.J. and Ko, J. (2013): Quantitative and Qualitative Demand for Slum and Non-slum Housing in Delhi: Empirical Evidences from Household Data. Habitat International 38: 90-99.




Aktuelle Publikationen

Ahmad, S.; Pachauri, S.; Creutzig, F., 2017

Synergies and trade-offs between energy-efficient urbanization and health

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review
Ahmad, Sohail; Baiocchi, Giovanni; Creutzig, Felix, 2015

CO2 Emissions from Direct Energy Use of Urban Households in India

Environmental Science & Technology
Peer Review

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