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Dr. Lion Hirth

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Prof. Dr. Lion Hirth is research fellow at MCC. He is also assistant professor at Hertie School of Governance, a Berlin-based public policy school and founder and director of Neon, a boutique energy economics consulting firm. He is an energy economist and expert in wind and solar energy, power market modeling, and electricity market design. Lion has consulted clients from the private and public sector on matters of renewable energy and power markets, including the International Energy Agency (Paris), the European Commission (Brussels), the Department for Energy and Climate Change (London), Agora Energiewende (Berlin), and Svensk Energi (Stockholm). He also regularly advises the German government on wholesale and balancing market design.

Lion acts as secretary of Strommarkttreffen, a 3000 member network of energy professionals in science, policy and industry. He has developed and maintains the open-source power market model EMMA and coordinates the open energy data platform OPSD. Previously, Lion spent five years with the Swedish utility Vattenfall, where he was concerned with long-term price projections. Lion holds a Ph.D. in energy economics, a Diploma in economics, and a Magister in political science. His academic articles, published inter alia in Energy Economics, The Energy Journal, and Applied Energy, have won several awards and are heavily cited. Lion has a daughter and lives in Berlin. 


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