Dr. Leila Niamir


Dr. Leila Niamir

Leila Niamir joined MCC as a postdoctoral researcher and IPCC Sixth Assessment Report chapter scientist in April 2019. Leila received her doctoral degree from the University of Twente in The Netherlands on behavioral climate change mitigation, February 2019. Her research focus is on:

  • Science-policy-society interface on climate change mitigation; particularly demand-side management
  • Agent-based modeling and modeling regime shifts
  • Behavioral and lifestyle changes
  • Social movements and dynamics
  • SDGs and wellbeing
  • Sharing economy and digitalization

She has been involved in several EUFP7 and Horizon2020 European projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation as a climate-energy model developer and policy researcher. She also has close research collaborations with Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria.

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Aktuelle Publikationen

Niamir, L., Ivanova, O., Filatova, T., 2020

Economy-wide impacts of behavioral climate change mitigation: linking agent-based and computable general equilibrium models

Environmental Modelling and Software
Peer Review
Niamir, L., Creutzig, F., 2020

Energy Demand: From Individual Behavioral Changes to Climate Change Mitigation

Managing Air Quality and Energy Systems. CRC Press, pp. 307–319
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Fair street space allocation: ethical principles and empirical insights

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review
Niamir, L., Ivanova, O., Filatova, T., Voinov, A., Bressers, H., 2019

Demand-side solutions for climate mitigation: Bottom-up drivers of household energy behavior change in the Netherlands and Spain

Energy Research & Social Science
Peer Review
Niamir, L., Kiesewetter, G., Wagner, F., Schöpp, W., Filatova, T., Voinov, A., Bressers, H., 2019

Assessing the macroeconomic impacts of individual behavioral changes on carbon emissions

Climatic Change
Peer Review