"Those who harm the climate, have to pay for it"
In order to limit climate risks, the Paris Agreement has to be implemented quickly—as clear as the goals are, the way to get there is uncertain. Worldwide, a huge number of coal-fired power plants are being built…
The relevance of the Paris Agreement for the world
With the new agreement the states want to limit the rise of globale mean temperature to 2°C - if not 1,5°C. Now, however, accordingly policy instruments have to be launched, too.
MCC world's third best climate think tank
The Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change was designated by the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) as the third best scientific think tank in the field of climate change.

Edenhofer on BR2: Mitten drin im Klimawandel

(BR2, only in German) Überflutungen und Schlammlawinen, Deutschland ist mitten drin im Klimawandel. Gespräch mit Prof. Ottmar Edenhofer, Chefökonom und stellvertretender Direktor des Potsdam-Instituts für Klimafolgenforschung.


Kalkuhl in DW: Food for thought on hunger

(DW) Climate change, a growing population and food market speculation mean in the future it will be more difficult to feed the world. How can we make sure everyone has enough to eat in an age of global interdependence?

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