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Usage of Cookies

Cookies are files that are placed on your computer by our website or customer portals when you visit the site. These files store information that makes your use of this site more efficient.

Overview of the cookies used

_pk_id (duration: 13 months)
Required to store details about the user, such as the visitor ID.

_pk_ses (duration: 30 minutes)
A short-lived cookie to collect statistics for this visit to the website.

mtm_consent, mtm_consent_removed (term: 30 years)
Stores the consent or rejection of the statistical recording.

MATOMO_SESSID (duration: 30 minutes)
This cookie is used for the security of the opt-out function for statistical data collection.

netl_gdpr_allowed (duration: unspecified)
Used to store your cookie settings long term and not show the OptIn banner on your next visits.

Individual settings for the use of cookies


These can be found here.


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