Prof. Dr. Matthias Kalkuhl

Head of Working Group Economic Growth and Human Development

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kalkuhl


Matthias Kalkuhl is head of the working group Economic Growth and Human Development. He is professor on Climate Change, Development and Economic Growth at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Potsdam. His research focuses on the impact of climate, environment and environmental fiscal policies on economic growth, inequality and sustainable development. His works include empirical analyses as well as theoretical works and quantitative models.


CV and Publication List.


Work in progress

  • The Impact of Climate Conditions on Economic Production. Evidence from a Global Panel of Regions (with Leonie Wenz). Working Paper
  • Knowing the Damages is not Enough: The General Equilibrium Impacts of Climate Change. With Ottmar Edenhofer. CESifo Working Paper Series No. 5862
  • Coal and Economic Development - An econometric analysis (with L. Montrone and J. Steckel)
  • Climate change, local resource, and the slow demographic transition in stagnant Africa (with T. Dao)



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Teaching (University of Potsdam)

  • Winter term 2019/2020: Economics of Climate Change (Lecture)
  • Summer term 2019: Climate Change and Fiscal Policy (Seminar)

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Latest Publications

Sedova, B., Kalkuhl, M. and Mendelsohn, R., 2019

Distributional Impacts of Weather and Climate in Rural India

Economics of Disasters and Climate Change
Peer Review
Kalkuhl, M., Steckel, J.C., Montrone, L., Jakob, M., Peters, J., Edenhofer, O., 2019

Successful coal phase-out requires new models of development

Nature Energy
Peer Review
Kornher, L., Kalkuhl, M., 2019

The gains of coordination - When does regional cooperation for food security make sense?

Global Food Security
Peer Review
Edenhofer, O., Flachsland, C., Kalkuhl, M., Knopf, B., Pahle, M., 2019

Bewertung des Klimapakets und nächste Schritte

Algieri, B., Kalkuhl, M., 2019

Efficiency and Forecast Performance of Commodity Futures Markets

American Journal of Economics and Business Administration
Peer Review

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