Prof. Dr. Matthias Kalkuhl

Co-Chair of MCC and head of working group Economic Growth and Human Development

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kalkuhl

Matthias Kalkuhl is Co-Chair at MCC and head of the working group Economic Growth and Human Development. He is also a professor on Climate Change, Development and Economic Growth at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Potsdam.

His research focuses on carbon pricing, policies on carbon removal as well as macroeconomic and distributional aspects of climate policy.

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Work in progress

  • Pigou's Advice and Sisyphus' Warning: Carbon Pricing with Non-Permanent Carbon-Dioxide Removal (with M. Franks, O. Edenhofer, F. Gruner and K. Lessmann)
  • On the Governance of Carbon Dioxide Removal–A Public Economics Perspective (with M. Franks, O. Edenhofer and A. Runge-Metzger)
  • Is working from home good for the environment? (with R. Borck and K. Lessmann)
  • Food tax policies to limit biodiversity loss and climate change (with C. Plinke and M. Sureth)
  • The Welfare Economics of Planetary Boundaries: How existential risks and interdependence affect optimal policy (with M. Sureth and M. Hänsel)
  • The social cost of carbon under endogenous civilizational extinction risk (with L. Stern and M. Sureth)
  • Optimal carbon pricing with fluctuating energy prices - Emission targeting vs. price targeting (with E. Eydam, M. Heinemann and A. Blanz)
  • Fiscal Policy and the Distributional Effects of Energy Price Shocks (with E. Eydam, M. Heinemann, N. Moretti and A. Blanz)
  • Climate Change Impacts on Inventive Activity: A Novel Perspective on Future Productivity (with Noah Kögel, Maximilian Kotz and Leonie Wenz)


Current Research Projects

  • ARIADNE (BMBF) - Der rote Faden durch die Energiewende
  • CLEANUP (DFG) - The Public Economics of Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • FEIRE (BMBF) - Financing Ecological Investments in Real Estate
  • CERES - Political Economy for Inclusive Wealth Governance and Sustainability (Werner Siemens Stiftung)


Teaching (University of Potsdam)

  • Winter term: Economics of Climate Change (Lecture; Master program)
  • Winter term: Climate Economics and Policy (Lecture; Bachelor program)
  • Summer term: Environmental Policy (Seminar)


Latest Publications

Döbbeling-Hildebrandt, N., Miersch, K., Khanna, T., Bachelet, M., Bruns, S.B., Callaghan, M., Edenhofer, O., Flachsland, C., Forster, P.M., Kalkuhl, M., Koch, N., Lamb, W.F., Ohlendorf, N., Steckel, J.C., Minx, J.C., 2024

Systematic review and meta-analysis of ex-post evaluations on the effectiveness of carbon pricing

Nature Communications
Peer Review
Leimbach, M., Hübler, M., Mahlkow, H., Montrone, L., Bukin, E., Felbermayr, G., Kalkuhl, M., Koch, J., Marcolino, M., Pothen, F., Steckel, J., 2024

Macroeconomic structural change likely increases inequality in India more than climate policy

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review
Kalkuhl, M., Kögel, N., Stomper, A., Gerstmeier, F., 2024

Höhe und Verteilung der gesellschaftlichen Kosten heizbedingter Emissionen

Project report FEIRE – Financing Ecological Investments in Real Estate
Edenhofer, O., Franks, M., Kalkuhl, M., Runge-Metzger, A. , 2024

On the Governance of Carbon Dioxide Removal - A Public Economics Perspective

FinanzArchiv / European Journal of Public Finance
Peer Review
Minx, J., Hilaire, J., Müller-Hansen, F., Nemet, G., Diluiso, F., Andrew, R.M., Ayas, C., Bauer, N., Bi, S.L., Clarke, L., Creutzig, F., Cui, R.Y., Jotzo, F., Kalkuhl, M., Lamb, W.F., Löschel, A., Manych, N., Meinshausen, M., Oei, P.Y., Peters, G.P., Sovacool, B., Steckel, J., Thomas, S., Workman, A., Wiseman, J., 2024

Coal transitions – part 2: phase-out dynamics in global long-term mitigation scenarios

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review