Susann Reinsch

Research Service

 Susann Reinsch

On parental leave until July 2021.

Susann Reinsch acts in her position as Research Service as adminstrative contact person for manifold organizational requests of the working groups. In particular, she is responsible for events, support of third-party funded project work and the IT supervision at the MCC. Her tasks include:

  • Administrative support to the research staff
  • Event organization and supervision
  • Application and administration of third-party funded projects (adminstrative support)
  • Communications interface between administrative, IT and research fields

In 2007 Susann Reinsch finished her professional education as International Event manager as well as Foreign language correspondence clerk in English (IHK). She started to work at the MCC with its foundation in 2012 and after five years of work experience, inter alia at the ZfQ and PoGS, both known as central institutions at the University of Potsdam. From 2011 to 2017 she has studied business psychology (B.A.) focusing on organizational psychology at the SRH Riedlingen.