Simon Feindt

PhD student

 Simon Feindt

Simon Feindt is a Ph.D. candidate and researcher in the Governance working group. Simon works on quantitative methods to estimate the distributional impacts of climate change mitigation policies. To determine these impacts, Simon applies Input-Output-models to assess the distribution of carbon pricing costs both within and between countries in the European Union. As a researcher in the Horizon 2020 EU project NAVIGATE, Simon is also concerned with improving the representation of mitigation cost and damage inequality in Integrated Assessment models and with evaluating revenue-recycling options.

Simon studied industrial engineering with a focus on energy and resource management at the TU Berlin, UNAM (Mexico), and École des Mines de Saint-Étienne (France). Before joining the Governance group, Simon worked as a student assistant at the MCC Berlin and completed his master thesis at PIK and MCC supervised by Prof. Dr. Edenhofer and Dr. Max Franks (The social cost of carbon in a decentralized economy model – a modular approach). Simon is a member of the cross-institutional Future Lab “Game Theory & Networks of Interacting Agents” between MCC and PIK Potsdam.


Other Publications:

Supplementary policy brief of the research team: Climate Policy: Protecting the poor with a carbon tax and equal per capita dividend


Latest Publications

Görlach, B., Jakob, M., Umpfenbach, K., Kosch, M., Pahle, M., Konc, T., aus dem Moore, N., Brehm, J., Feindt, S., Pause, F., Nysten, J., Abrell, J. , 2022

Report: A Fair and Solidarity-based EU Emissions Trading System for Buildings and Road Transport

Ariadne Report
Steckel, J.C., Missbach, L., Ohlendorf, N., Feindt, S., Kalkuhl, M. , 2022

Effects of the energy price crisis on European households. Socio-political challenges and policy options

Budolfson, M., Dennig, F., Errickson, F., Feindt, S., Ferranna, M., Fleurbaey, M., Klenert, D., Kornek, U., Kuruc, K., Méjean, A., Peng, W., Scovronick, N., Spears, D., Wagner, F., Zuber, S., 2021

Climate action with revenue recycling has benefits for poverty, inequality and well-being

Nature Climate Change
Peer Review
Feindt, S., Kornek, U., Labeaga, J., Sterner, T., Ward, H., 2021

Understanding regressivity: Challenges and opportunities of European carbon pricing

Energy Economics
Peer Review