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Climate and Development

Head: Dr. Jan Steckel

The working group's research is driven by the question how climate change mitigation can be achieved without comprising poverty eradication and sustainable development. It explores the interrelation between sustainable development processes and climate change mitigation in three research foci: i) Carbonization patterns; ii) Structural change; iii) Infrastructure and Inequality.


Team members

Alexander Radebach

Hauke Ward (né Schult)

Leonie Wenz

Ira Dorband

Tom Schulze

Mariko Landström


Current publications

Forin, S.; Radebach, A.; Steckel, J.C.; Ward, H., 2018

The effect of industry delocalization on global energy use: A global sectoral perspective

Energy Economics
Peer Review
Garg, A.; Steckel, J.C. et al., 2017

Bridging the gap – Phasing out coal

In: United Nations Environment Programme (Hrsg.) The Emissions Gap Report 2017 - A UN Environment Synthesis Report. Nairobi: United Nations Environment Programme, 2017, S. 38-47
Jakob, M.; Kübler, D.; Steckel, J.C.; van Veldhuizen, R., 2017

Clean up your own mess: An experimental study of moral responsibility and efficiency

Journal of Public Economics, 155, 138–146
Peer Review