Economic Growth and Human Development

HeadProf. Dr. Matthias Kalkuhl


This working group focuses on the interplay of global commons for sustainable development and human well-being, particularly with respect to economic growth, migration and population. Examples of our research range from empirical analyses of temperature and climate on GDP or migration to theoretical works on the role of environment for endogenous economic growth, agglomeration and demographic dynamics. We aim to contribute to a better understanding about how global commons – and their proper management – affect economic and human development and vice versa.

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Team members

Blanz, Alkis

Brenner, Andri

Cook, Athene

Dr. Dao Nguyen, Thang

Sedova, Barbora


Current publications of the working group

Dao Nguyen, T.; Edenhofer, O., 2017

On the fiscal strategies of escaping poverty-environment traps towards sustainable growth.

Journal of Macroeconomics
Peer Review
Haile, M.G.; Kalkuhl, M.; Algieri, B.; Gebreselassie, S., 2017

Price shock transmission: evidence from the wheat-bread market value chain in Ethiopia.

Agricultural Economics
Peer Review
Schwerhoff, G.; Dao Nguyen, T.; Edenhofer, O.; Grimalda, G.; Jakob, M.; Klenert, D.; Siegmeier, J., 2017

Policy options for a socially balanced climate policy.

Peer Review