Dr. Nicolas Koch

Senior Researcher

Dr. Nicolas Koch

Dr. Nicolas Koch is a Senior Researcher in the working group Sustainable Resource Management and Global Change. He leads a project that uses causal analysis to improve policy design with credible ex post evaluation. Much of his completed research investigates the workings of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). His current area of interest are policies addressing traffic externalities and how they shape individual mobility behavior. He is also interested in the distributional implications of climate policy (and a German coal phase-out, in particular) and the nexus between land use and sustainable development (in Brazil and Indonesia).

He completed his PhD at the University of Hamburg. Previously he studied economics in Marburg, Kiel, Hamburg and Paris. He has been a visiting scholar at the Environmental and Energy Finance Group of the University of East Anglia, and a visiting lecturer at BEM Bordeaux Management School. Nicolas has published articles in, amongst others, Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Review of Environmental Economics & Policy, and Energy Economics.


Curriculum vitae

Detailed CV with list of publications


Selected publications

Koch, N., Basse Mama, H. (2019): Does the EU Emissions Trading System induce investment leakage? Evidence from German multinational firms, Energy Economics, 81, 479-492.

Koch, N., zu Ermgassen, E., Wehkamp, J., Oliveira Filho, F., Schwerhoff, G. (2019): Agricultural Productivity and Forest Conservation: Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 101(3), 919-940.

Fuss, S., Flachsland, C., Koch, N., Kornek, U., Knopf, B., Edenhofer, O. (2018): An assessment framework for intertemporal economic performance of cap-and-trade systems: lessons from the EU-ETS, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 12(2), 220-241.

Wehkamp, J., Koch, N., Fuss, S., (2017): Governance and deforestation - A meta-analysis in economics, Ecological Economics, 144, 214-227.

Zimmer, A., Koch, N. (2017): Fuel Consumption Dynamics in Europe: Tax Reform Implications for Air Pollution and Carbon Emissions, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 106, 22-50.

Algieri, B., Kalkuhl, M., Koch, N. (2017): A tale of two tails: Explaining extreme events in financialized agricultural markets, Food Policy, 69, 256-269.

Koch, N., Reuter, W., Fuss, S., Grosjean, G. (2017): Permits vs. offsets under investment uncertainty, Resource and Energy Economics, 49, 33-47.

Koch, N., Grosjean, G., Fuss, S., Edenhofer, O. (2016): Politics matters: Regulatory events as catalysts for price formation under cap-and-trade, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 78, 121-139.



Recent working papers

Themann, M., Koch, N. (2018): Catching up and falling behind: Cross-country evidence on the impact of the EU ETS on productivity growth, WCERE 2018 Conference Paper.

Burghaus, K., Koch, N., Bauer, J., Edenhofer, E. (2018): Lobbying, relocation risk and allocation of free allowances in the EU ETS, CPLC Conference Paper.

Kraus, S., Koch, N. (2018): Plantation agriculture and structural change: Evidence from spillovers on Indonesian manufacturing firms, IRSA International Conference Paper.

Koch, N., Markellos, R. (2016): The pricing of environmental risks with non-pecuniary benefits, EAERE 2017 Conference Paper.


Latest Publications

Creutzig, F., Javaid, A., Koch, N., Knopf, B., Mattioli, B., Edenhofer, O., 2020

Adjust urban and rural road pricing for fair mobility

Nature Climate Change
Peer Review
Rohlf, A., Holub, F., Koch, N., Ritter, N., 2020

The effect of clean air on pharmaceutical expenditures

Economics Letters
Peer Review
Ohlendorf, N., Schill, W-P. , 2020

Frequency and duration of low-wind-power events in Germany

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review
Koch, N., Erasmus K H J zu Ermgassen, Wehkamp, J., Filho, F. J B O., Schwerhoff, G., 2019

Agricultural Productivity and Forest Conservation: Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon

American Journal of Agricultural Economics
Peer Review