Quirina Rodriguez Mendez

PhD student

 Quirina Rodriguez Mendez

Quirina Rodriguez Mendez is a PhD candidate in the MCC research groups Sustainable Resource Management and Global Change and Land Use, Infrastructure and Transport. Within the GENIE project, Quirina primarily focuses on the deployment of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) options at multiple scales, ranging from urban areas to global potentials. Her research also explores different methods to account for deep uncertainty and ambiguity in the decision-making processes supporting CDR’s uptake.

Prior to joining MCC in 2022 as a doctoral student, Quirina completed her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. In 2021, she obtained her Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Futures from the Energy Futures Lab (Imperial College London). Here, she focused her master thesis on the potential of Decision-Making under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) techniques in supporting CDR’s integration into UK Net-Zero policy processes.

Latest Publications

Rodriguez Mendez, Q., Workman, M., Darch, G. , 2023

UK Net Zero policy design and deep uncertainty – The need for an alternative approach

Environmental Science & Policy
Peer Review