Dr. Jan Steckel

Head of working group Climate and Development

Dr. Jan Steckel

Jan heads the working group “Climate and Development” at MCC. His research focuses on climate change mitigation in developing and newly-industrializing countries; more specifically he works on:

  • Interactions between climate change mitigation and sustainable development
  • Drivers of global carbon emissions
  • Energy and economic development
  • Structural change

Jan received a Ph.D. in economics from TU Berlin and a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Flensburg and the University of Southern Denmark. From 2007 to 2013 he worked at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research. Jan has authored multiple academic articles and has been an author of the IPCC’s Special Report on Renewables as well as its 5th Assessment report. He leads a chapter on phasing out coal for the UNEP emissions gap report 2017.

He is also affiliated with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and TU Berlin, where he teaches courses about Climate Change Economics and Climate Change and Development. Until December 2016 he was principal investigator in the project "Macroeconomic Sustainability Assessment" in the Collaborative Research Center 1026 ("Sustainable Manufacturing") funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

Curriculum vitae

Detailed CV with list of publications

Ongoing Research and Publications 


Dorband, I., M. Jakob, J.C. Steckel: Double progressivity of infrastructure development through carbon pricing - Insights from Nigeria. Working Paper on request

Dorband, I., M. Jakob, M. Kalkuhl, J.C. Steckel: Are poor households more strongly impacted by carbon pricing? A global comparative analysis of distributional effects. Working Paper on request.

Edenhofer, O., J.C. Steckel, M. Jakob, C. Bertram: Reports on coal's terminal decline may be exaggerated. Working Paper on request.

Forin, S., H. Ward, A. Radebach, J.C. Steckel: The effect of industry delocalization on global energy use: A global sectoral perspective. Working Paper on request.

Radebach, A., J. Steckel, H. Ward: Patterns of Structural Change. Empirical Evidence from Similarity Networks. Working Paper.

Radebach, A., J.C. Steckel, C. Hidalgo: Voluntary but effective - How countries achieved their Kyoto targets. Working Paper on request.

Steckel, J.C., J. Hilaire, M. Jakob, O. Edenhofer: Lions in the dragon’s shoes? On carbonization patterns in Sub-Sahara Africa. Working Paper on request


Peer Reviewed

Jakob, M., D. Kübler, J.C. Steckel, R. van Veldhuizen (accepted for publication): Clean up your own mess: An experimental study of moral responsibility and efficiency. Journal of Public Economics. Working Paper.

Kornek, U., J.C. Steckel, K. Lessmann, O. Edenhofer (in press): The Climate Rent Curse: New Challenges for Burden Sharing. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics.

Ward, H., L. Wenz. J.C. Steckel, J. Minx (in press). Truncation Error Estimates in Process
Lifecycle Assessment Using Input-Output Analysis. Journal of Industrial Ecology, DOI: 10.1111/jiec.12655

Steckel, J.C., N. Rao, M. Jakob (2017). Access to infrastructure services: Global trends and Drivers. Utilities Policy, 45, 109-117

Ward, H., A. Radebach, I. Vierhaus, A. Fügenschuh, JC Steckel (2017): Reducing global CO2 emissions with the technologies we have. Resource and Energy Economics, 49, 201-217

Nemet, G. F., Jakob, M., Steckel, J. C., & Edenhofer, O. (2017). Addressing policy credibility problems for low-carbon investment. Global Environmental Change, 42, 47-57.

Steckel, J. C., Jakob, M., Flachsland, C., Kornek, U., Lessmann, K., & Edenhofer, O. (2017). From climate finance toward sustainable development finance. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 8(1).

Ward, H., Burger, M., Chang, Y. J., Fürstmann, P., Neugebauer, S., Radebach, A., ... & Steckel, J. C. (2017). Assessing carbon dioxide emission reduction potentials of improved manufacturing processes using multiregional input output frameworks. Journal of Cleaner Production, 163, 154-165

Hirth, L., & Steckel, J. C. (2016). The role of capital costs in decarbonizing the electricity sector. Environmental Research Letters, 11(11), 114010.

Jakob, M. & J.C. Steckel (2016). Implications of climate change mitigation for sustainable development. Environmental Research Letters, 11(10), 104010

Schueler, V., Fuss, S., Steckel, J. C., Weddige, U., & Beringer, T. (2016). Productivity ranges of sustainable biomass potentials from non-agricultural land. Environmental Research Letters, 11(7), 074026.

Bren d’Amour, C. , Wenz, L., Kalkuhl, M., Steckel, J. C., & Creutzig, F. (2016). Teleconnected food supply shocks. Environmental Research Letters, 11(3), 035007.

Steckel, J.C., O. Edenhofer, M. Jakob (2015): Drivers for the renaissance of coal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 112 (29), pp. E3775-E3781

Edenhofer, O., M. Jakob, F. Creutzig, C. Flachsland, S. Fuss, M. Kowarsch, K. Lessmann, L. Mattauch, J. Siegmeier, JC Steckel (2015): Closing the Emissions Price Gap. Global Environmental Change, 31, pp. 132-143.

Wenz, L., S.N. Willner, A. Radebach, R. Bierkandt, J.C. Steckel, A. Levermann (2015): Regional and sectoral disaggregation of multi-regional input-output tables - a flexible algorithm. Economic Systems Research, 27(2), pp. 194-212

Zimmer, A., M. Jakob, J. Steckel  (2015): What motivates Vietnam to strive for a low-carbon economy? - An explorative case study on the drivers of climate policy in a developing country. Energy for Sustainable Development, 24, pp. 19-32. Was awarded the Reddy Prize - Best Paper of 2014.

Jakob, M., J. Steckel, C. Flachsland, L. Baumstark (2015):Climate Finance - Curse or Blessing? Climate and Development. Climate and Development, 7 (1), pp. 1-15.

Jakob, M., Jan Christoph Steckel, Stephan Klasen, Jann Lay, Nicole Grunewald, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Sebastian Renner, Ottmar Edenhofer (2014): Feasible mitigation options in developing countries. Nature Climate Change, 5 (11): pp. 961 - 968.

Edenhofer, O., M. Jakob, J. Steckel (2014): Does Environmental Sustainability Contradict Prosperity? Global Policy, 5 (1),pp. 15-20.

Jakob, M., J. C. Steckel, O. Edenhofer (2014). Consumption-Versus Production-Based Emission Policies. Annual Review of Resource Economics 6(1), pp 297-318.

Jakob, M., J. Steckel (2014): How climate change mitigation could harm development in poor countries. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 5(2).

Steckel, J, RJ Brecha, M. Jakob, J. Strefler, G. Luderer (2013): Development without energy? Assessing future scenarios of energy consumption in developing countries. Ecological Economics 90: 53-67.

Hübler, M., J. Steckel (2012): Economic Growth, Decarbonization, and International Transfers. Climate and Development 4 (2):88-103.

Jakob, M., G. Luderer, J. Steckel, M. Tavoni, S. Monjon, S. (2012): Time to act now? Assessing the costs of delaying climate measures and benefits of early action. Climatic Change 114 (1): 79-99.

Luderer, G., V. Bosetti, M. Jakob, M. Leimbach, J. Steckel, H. Waisman, O. Edenhofer (2012): The economics of decarbonizing the energy system: Results and insights from the RECIPE model intercomparison. Climatic Change 114 (1): 9-37.

Tavoni, M., E. De Cian, G. Luderer, J. Steckel, H. Waisman (2012): The value of technology and of its evolution towards a low carbon economy. Climatic Change 114 (1): 39-57.

Steckel, J., M. Jakob, R. Marschinski, G. Luderer (2011): From carbonization to decarbonization? - Past trends and future scenarios for China's CO2 emissions. Energy policy 39 (6): 3443-3455.

Steckel, J., M. Kalkuhl, R. Marschinski (2010): Should carbon-exporting countries strive for consumption-based accounting in a global cap-and-trade regime? Climatic Change Letters 100 (3): 779-786.


Book Chapters

Steckel, J. C., Schwerhoff, G., & Edenhofer, O. (2017). Enabling Low-Carbon Development in Poor Countries. In Sustainable Manufacturing (pp. 33-44). Springer International Publishing.

Flachsland, C., G. Luderer, J. Steckel, B. Knopf, O. Edenhofer (2011): International Emissions Trading and the Global Deal. In: Fan Gang, Nicholas Stern, Ottmar Edenhofer, Xu Shanda, Klas Eklund, Frank Ackerman, Lailai Li and Karl Hallding (eds.): The Economics of Climate Change in China. Towards a Low Carbon Economy. Earthscan: 231-260.

Edenhofer, O., B. Knopf, G. Luderer, J. Steckel, T. Bruckner (2010): More heat than light? On the economics of decarbonization. In: Rübbleke, D. (Ed.). Sustainable Energy. London, Routledge Publishers.


Other Publications

Edenhofer, O., M. Jakob, J. Steckel (2013): Wohlstand und ökologische Nachhaltigkeit - ein Widerspruch? ifo Schnelldienst 66 (15): 22 - 26.

Edenhofer, O., J. Steckel (2012): Die Renaissance der Kohle und Chancen globaler Klimapolitik. Mining + Geo (3): 336-348. Available here (in German).

Luderer, G., V. Bosetti, J. Steckel, H. Waisman, N. Bauer, E. Decian, M. Leimbach, O. Sassi, M. Tavoni (2009). The economics of decarbonization. Results from the RECIPE model intercomparison. RECIPE working paper. Available online at: http://www.pik-potsdam.de/recipe

Jakob, M., V. Bosetti, H. Waisman, E. Decian, J. Steckel, M. Leimbach, L. Baumstark (2009). The RECIPE reference scenarios. RECIPE working paper. Available online at: http://www.pik-potsdam.de/recipe

Edenhofer, O., C. Carraro, J.-C. Hourcade, K. Neuhoff, G. Luderer, C. Flachsland, M. Jakob, A. Popp, J. Steckel, J. Strohschein, N. Bauer, S. Brunner, M. Leimbach, H. Lotze-Campen, V. Bosetti, E. de Cian, M. Tavoni, O. Sassi, H. Waisman, R. Crassous-Doerfler, S. Monjon, S. Dröge, H. van Essen, P. del Río, A. Türk (2009): RECIPE - The Economics of Decarbonization. Synthesis Report.

Edenhofer, O., B. Knopf, J. Steckel, G. Luderer (2008): The Honest Broker - Stuck Half Way Through. Background paper and comment on Pielke et al. in Nature.

Flachsland, C., O. Edenhofer, M. Jakob, J. Steckel (2008): Developing the International Carbon Market. Linking Options for the EU ETS. Report to the Policy Planning Staff in the Federal Foreign Office. 

Jan contributed to chapter 9 (Renewable Energy in the Context of Sustainable Development) of the IPCC's Special Report on Renewable Energies and Climate Mitigation (SRREN) and is Lead Author of its Technical Summary



Steckel, J. (2012): Developing Countries in the Context of Climate Change Mitigation and Energy System Transformation. PhD thesis at the Technical University of Berlin.

Steckel, J. (2008). Towards a Global Carbon Market. The CDM's current state and future prospects. Diplomarbeit (Master Thesis equivalent) at the University of Flensburg.

Latest Publications

Steckel, J.C.; Jakob, M., 2018

The role of financing cost and de-risking strategies for clean energy investment

International Economics
Peer Review
Edenhofer, O.; Steckel, J.C.; Jakob, M.; Bertram, C. , 2018

Reports of coal’s terminal decline may be exaggerated

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review
Forin, S.; Radebach, A.; Steckel, J.C.; Ward, H., 2018

The effect of industry delocalization on global energy use: A global sectoral perspective

Energy Economics
Peer Review
Kornek U.; Steckel, J.C.; Lessmann K.; Edenhofer O., 2017

The climate rent curse: new challenges for burden sharing

International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics
Peer Review
Garg, A.; Steckel, J.C. et al., 2017

Bridging the gap – Phasing out coal

In: United Nations Environment Programme (Hrsg.) The Emissions Gap Report 2017 - A UN Environment Synthesis Report. Nairobi: United Nations Environment Programme, 2017, S. 38-47

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