Prof. Dr. Jan Steckel

Head of working group Climate and Development

Prof. Dr. Jan Steckel

Jan heads the working group “Climate and Development” at MCC. He is also a professor of climate and development economics at BTU Cottbus.

His research focuses on climate change mitigation in developing and newly-industrializing countries; more specifically he works on:

  • Interactions between climate change mitigation and sustainable development
  • Drivers of global carbon emissions
  • Energy and economic development
  • Climate policy and policy instruments in developing and emerging economies
  • Political economy and distributional effects of climate policies
  • Structural change

Jan received a Ph.D. in economics from TU Berlin and a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Flensburg and the University of Southern Denmark. From 2007 to 2013 he worked at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research. In 2022 he's been the Adlerbertska Foundation's Guest Professor at the University of Gothenburg. Jan has authored multiple academic articles and has been an author of the IPCC’s Special Report on Renewables as well as its 5th Assessment report. He led a chapter on phasing out coal for the UNEP emissions gap report 2017. Until December 2016 he was principal investigator in the project "Macroeconomic Sustainability Assessment" in the Collaborative Research Center 1026 ("Sustainable Manufacturing") funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). He co-leads the Emissions Pricing for Development Initative.

Curriculum vitae

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Ongoing Research and Publications 



Aggarwal, R., S. Ayhan, M. Jakob, J.C. Steckel: Carbon pricing and household welfare: Evidence from Uganda. Working Paper.

Aggarwal, R., T.R. Bhatt, Leonard Missbach, E. Somanathan, J.C. Steckel & T. Sterner: Optimal emissions pricing in LMICs accounting for household emissions from traditional cooking.

Aggarwal, R. & J.C. Steckel. Collective model of firewood consumption, production, and labour supply: Evidence from Malawi.

Ayhan, S., G. Falchetta, J.C. Steckel: Evaluating the impacts of mini-grid electrification in sub-Saharan Africa. Working Paper on request.

Ayhan, S., H. Greve, J. Lay & J.C. Steckel: Distributional impacts of carbon pricing on sub-Saharan African households.

Landström, M., G. Schwerhoff, J.C. Steckel: Capabilities, structural change and climate policy. Working Paper on request.

Manych, N., Egli, F., Ohlendorf, N., Schmidt, T., Steckel, J., Steffen, B., & Stünzi, A.: Cui bono? Explaining the persistence of public finance for coal-fired power plants overseas.Working Paper on request.

Missbach, L., J.C. Steckel, H. Ward: Assessing distributional effects of carbon pricing in Israel.Working Paper on request.

Missbach, L., J.C. Steckel, A. Vogt-Schilb: Beyond progressivity – horizontal and vertical incidence of carbon pricing in Latin America and the Caribbean. Working Paper on request.

Missbach, L., S. Kraus, S. Renner & J.C. Steckel: Burning Coal, flourishing industries? Evidence from the Indonesian manufacturing sector. Working Paper on request.

Montrone, L., J.C. Steckel, G. Nemet: Experts expect that 130-205 GW additional coal-fired power plants will be built. Working Paper on request.

Mohammadzadeh Valencia, F., A. Ramakrishnan, J.C. Steckel, F. Schaffitzel, J.C. Minx. What’s in it for us? How revenue recycling schemes affect public support for carbon pricing policies – a systematic review

Ohlendorf, N., C. Flachsland, G.F. Nemet, J.C. Steckel. Impact of an EU ETS Floor Price on Low-Carbon Investments - Results of a Survey of German Energy Companies. Working Paper on request.

Ordonez, J.A., M. Jakob, J.C. Steckel, H. Ward: Distributional constraints to India's energy transition. Elaborating on the distributional impacts of an energy transition across India´s federal states. Working Paper.

Renner, S., J.C. Steckel, Djoni Hartono, Arief Anshory Yusuf, Targeting vertical and horizontal impacts of carbon pricing in Indonesia. Working Paper on request.


Jakob, M., & Steckel, J. C. (2022). The Political Economy of Coal: Obstacles to Clean Energy Transitions (p. 364). London, New York: Routledge

Peer-reviewed publications

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Latest Publications

Döbbeling-Hildebrandt, N., Miersch, K., Khanna, T., Bachelet, M., Bruns, S., Callaghan, M., Edenhofer, O., Flachsland, C., Forster, P., Kalkuhl, M., Koch, N., Lamb, W., Ohlendorf, N., Steckel, J., Minx, J., 2024

Systematic review and meta-analysis of ex-post evaluations on the effectiveness of carbon pricing

Nature Communications
Peer Review
Leimbach, M., Hübler, M., Mahlkow, H., Montrone, L., Bukin, E., Felbermayr, G., Kalkuhl, M., Koch, J., Marcolino, M., Pothen, F., Steckel, J., 2024

Macroeconomic structural change likely increases inequality in India more than climate policy

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review
Minx, J., Hilaire, J., Müller-Hansen, F., Nemet, G., Diluiso, F., Andrew, R.M., Ayas, C., Bauer, N., Bi, S.L., Clarke, L., Creutzig, F., Cui, R.Y., Jotzo, F., Kalkuhl, M., Lamb, W.F., Löschel, A., Manych, N., Meinshausen, M., Oei, P.Y., Peters, G.P., Sovacool, B., Steckel, J., Thomas, S., Workman, A., Wiseman, J., 2024

Coal transitions – part 2: phase-out dynamics in global long-term mitigation scenarios

Environmental Research Letters
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Cash transfers in the context of carbon pricing reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean

World Development
Peer Review
Manych, N., Egli, F., Ohlendorf, N., Schmidt, T., Steffen, B., Stünzi, A., Steckel, J. , 2023

Pushed to finance? Assessing technology export as a motivator for coal finance abroad

Environmental Research Letters
Peer Review