Organizational Structure and Work Packages

Work Package 1

Understanding carbonization patterns will be key for providing solutions how a sharp emissions increase in SSA countries can be avoided. More specifically, this Work Package will be organized along structural changes in various sectors, i.e.:
i) ongoing industrialization and related growth in energy demand;
ii) structural changes in the agriculture and forestry sector;
iii) urbanization and related changes in energy consumption patterns.

Work Package 2

Carbon pricing and abolishing fossil fuel subsidies will be a core element of effective mitigation policies.
This WP aims to understand potential energy price risks for households and firms. This will be achieved through analyzing the design of mitigation policies, potential emission reductions as well as the distributional and competitiveness impacts.

Work Package 3

This Work Package deals with the political feasibility and the interrelationship of climate measures with other objectives, such as poverty reduction and employment.
This WP aims to improve the understanding of the political and institutional drivers and barriers that shape Africa’s energy transition, conducting comparative case studies.