Safeguarding Europe's climate protection

Halting the anthropogenic warming of the planet is a global task. The European Union has high ambitions for its climate policy – yet how can it handle that others are doing less? This policy brief highlights the options.

German climate targets by 2030: how to reach them

The price signal in the EU Emissions Trading System only slows down half of Germany's carbon emissions. Not much is happening with the rest – and obligations under European regulation force the government to act. This policy brief shows the way out.

Designing Policies to Green Road Transportation

Ensuring sustainable mobility, and reducing the negative externalities in an efficient and socially acceptable way, requires intelligent regulation. This policy brief offers an overview of existing policy instruments and the current state of research regarding their impacts.

Closing the deal on the end of coal

Coal is in many countries still seen as one of cheapest energy sources - because the negative effects on climate and health are not reflected in energy prices. This policy brief explains how a rapid and socially acceptable phase-out can be organised.

Tax Reform: making climate policy socially balanced

Carbon prices create incentives to invest in climate-friendly technologies and thus promote the transition to a low-carbon economy. However, low-income earners are initially burdened disproportionately high. This policy brief shows how the burden can be taken off.

Betting on negative emissions

The 1.5-degree target significantly reduces the carbon budget compared to the 2-degree target. New technologies are aim to remove already existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This policy brief explains the opportunities and risks.

Carbon price floor to reform emissions trading

A massive reduction of greenhouse gases can only take place in a properly functioning EU carbon market. This policy brief shows that a price floor for the traded carbon permits would reduce uncertainty, improve price expectations, and strengthen credibility.