Research network with MCC participation launches a Knowledge Hub on carbon dioxide removal

The new website provides access to key data sources, supplemented by stories and blogs on research activities. A result of the GENIE project funded by the European Union.

Data and stories: the “CDR Knowledge Hub” website co-developed by MCC. | Screenshot: GENIE


A website called “GENIE CDR Knowledge Hub” now provides extensive information on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) (i.e. extracting CO2 from the atmosphere) which will become increasingly relevant on the path to climate neutrality. The hub been launched by a research network that includes the Berlin-based climate research institute MCC (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change), and developed as part of the GENIE project funded by the European Union. MCC’s project partners include the research institute IIASA in Laxenburg near Vienna, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Aarhus University.

The new website synthesises critical information about CDR and provides public access to key data sources. For example, you can get information on current and historical characteristics of technologies, as well as quantitative scenarios on the roles of different CDR options in the future. Filling a critical gap in the (most recent) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC), the Knowledge Hub provides extensions of the AR6 scenario database. These include explicit quantifications of carbon removal due to land use change (e.g., afforestation/reforestation), as well as estimates of the current and future trajectories of additional carbon removal (and emissions) aligned with national greenhouse gas inventories.

The EU-funded GENIE project (“GeoEngineering and NegatIve Emissions pathways in Europe”) explores the environmental, technical, social, legal, ethical and policy dimensions of greenhouse gas removal and solar radiation management. GENIE aims to produce a comprehensive scientific assessment for evidence-based policymaking to address climate change, and to expand our toolkit for a zero-emissions future.

In addition to providing access to data sources, the GENIE CDR Knowledge Hub offers original stories and blogs, highlighting insights from the GENIE project’s recent research activities. It is fully open access, available for all to explore, and will be extended with new information on a regular basis.

Further information
The GENIE CDR Knowledge Hub can be found here: