How cities influence emissions

In this video MCC director Ottmar Edenhofer explains, why the institute is located on the EUREF campus and which influence cities can have on CO2 emissions.

[Translate to EN:] Foto: Thomas Truschel/photothek


Through ecological and economical sustainable solutions the EUREF campus right in the middle of Berlin aims to develop the vision of the “intelligent city” of tomorrow already today. MCC director Ottmar Edenhofer explains in this video, to what extend urban planning can determine future CO2 emissions: “Today we understand much better that the dynamic of cities plays a key role for global emissions. Because the way we live, the way we move is what determines emissions.”



On the EUREF campus, a licensed research campus by the German federal government, the government’s climate change goals for 2050 are already met today through a suitable energy concept. “Of course it is also important to us being on the premises that was once an icon of industrial revolution. We need a new industrial revolution”, says Edenhofer. “The way the first industrial revolution started here, we think that on the way to the third and forth industrial revolution we are in good hands at the EUREF campus and can continue that spirit.”