Paris as a starting point for climate policy

Interviewed by “nano” on 3sat, MCC scientist Flachsland explains what the COP in Paris can contribute to a coordination of national climate policies.

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It is already ten years old, the Kyoto protocol. Christian Flachsland, leader of the MCC Working Group Governance, talked about its achievements and its learnings for future climate negotiations like the one in Paris at the end of this year in an interview with the science magazine “nano” on 3sat.

“There is the hope that countries implement climate policies on a national level, meaning all countries – including China and India. This would really be an improvement in comparison to Kyoto,” he said. “Then we face the question, if the national policies being put on the table are sufficient to reach the 2-degree-target.”

Paris had the potential to raise the level of ambition step by step through a coordination of such policies in the years to come. “Paris is only the starting point for climate policy,” he said. “Therefore we should not start with a global goal and then narrow it down to the implementation for each country, but we should aim at the national level first.”


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