Creutzig, F., Schmaus, A., Ayaragarnchanakul, E., Becker, S., Falchetta, G., Hu, J., Goletz, M., Guéret, A., Nagel, K., Schild, J., Schill, W.-P., Schlenther, T., Molkenthin, N.

Shared pooled mobility: expert review from nine disciplines and implications for an emerging transdisciplinary research agenda

in Environmental Research Letters, 13.05.2024

Peer Review , Land Use, Infrastructure and Transport

Shared pooled mobility has been hailed as a sustainable mobility solution that uses digital innovation to efficiently bundle rides. Multiple disciplines have started investigating and analyzing shared pooled mobility systems. However, there is a lack of cross-community communication making it hard to build upon knowledge from other fields or know which open questions may be of interest to other fields. Here, we identify and review 9 perspectives: transdisciplinary social sciences, social physics, transport simulations, urban and energy economics, psychology, climate change solutions, and the Global South research and provide a common terminology. We identify more than 25 000 papers, with more than 100 fold variation in terms of literature count between research perspectives. Our review demonstrates the intellectual attractivity of this as a novel perceived mode of transportation, but also highlights that real world economics may limit its viability, if not supported with concordant incentives and regulation. We then sketch out cross-disciplinary open questions centered around (1) optimal configuration of ride-pooling systems, (2) empirical studies, and (3) market drivers and implications for the economics of ride-pooling. We call for researchers of different disciplines to actively exchange results and views to advance a transdisciplinary research agenda.