Bednar-Friedl, B., Berndes, G., Drabicka, K., Birkmann, J., Mousson, M., Cabeza, L.F., Ruiz Ramos, M., Markowitsch, R., Creutzig, F., Deryng, D., Kiessling, W., Kreibiehl, S., Krey, V., Krinner, G., Langhans, S. D., Lecocq, F., Lopez Gunn, E., Marotzke, J., Masson-Delmotte, V., Minx, J., Pirani, A., Popp, A., Pörtner, H-O., Ranasinghe, R., Riahi, K., Rogelj, J., Seneviratne, S., Skea, J., Storelvmo, T., Thorne, P., Van Aalst, M.

The next frontier for climate change science

in EU Publications, 16.02.2024

Sonstige , Applied Sustainability Sciences , Land Use, Infrastructure and Transport

As climate change impacts intensify globally in both frequency and magnitude, and with scientific consensus on what is yet to come if the world fails to act, the imperative to step up our collective response has never been more pressing. By providing the knowledge necessary to formulate effective mitigation and adaptation strategies, climate science serves as a critical enabler of climate action and a vital input to evidence-based policymaking. Bridging the knowledge gaps in climate change research is crucial for guiding the transition towards a low-carbon climate resilient future, for fostering consensus and alliances, for empowering global cooperation and for mobilising stakeholders across the society. This report draws attention to where additional research is required to effectively and adequately address climate change, aiming to inform future calls under the EU Horizon Europe R&I Programme and beyond.