MCC presents important research topics in a new series on Youtube

Produced in home offices during the time of corona: short lectures by scientists of our institute on aspects of "Climate & The Economy".

Science communication to go: key aspects of climate policy condensed on Youtube. | Photo: Shutterstock


How can emitted greenhouse gases be recaptured, the global increase in coal-fired power generation be stopped, international cooperation be strengthened, and regional climate protection be safeguarded? Answers to these and other questions are provided by a new series of Youtube videos, produced by the Berlin-based climate research institute MCC (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change). The common theme of the explanatory films, which are between 10 and 15 minutes long and in English, is "Climate & The Economy". The videos will be published now and over the coming weeks and deal with aspects of economically and socially compatible climate protection, for which the MCC, as a scientific think tank, provides solution-oriented policy options.

The lectures reflect the fact that after the outbreak of the corona virus, the climate issue has become even more relevant. Since mid-March, the MCC's diverse work – research, publications in renowned journals, dialogue formats with politicians and media work – has been carried out almost entirely at home. The Youtube videos have now also been produced under the'se conditions.

#1 – Sabine Fuss on carbon removal

#2 – Jan Steckel on coal

#3 – Ulrike Kornek on international cooperation

#4 – Michael Jakob on international trade

#5 – Matthias Kalkuhl on sociale balance