MCC provides active support to the IPCC

Expert meeting in Scotland now works on the Sixth Assessment Report, an important scientific basis for further international climate negotiations.

From more than 65 countries: Scientists at University of Edinburgh. | Photo: IPCC


More than 180 authors from more than 65 countries currently have a five-day meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland. They launch their work on the next big scientific assessment report of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): the so-called AR6, scheduled to be finalized in July 2021. This report will be an important scientific basis for the further international climate negotiations and for a global stocktake following the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Of the Berlin climate research institute MCC (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change), Felix Creutzig, Leila Niamir and Jan Minx take part in the meeting in Scotland. As “Coordinating Lead Author”, Felix Creutzig, who at the MCC leads the working group Land Use, Infrastructure and Transport, is in charge of the chapter on demand, services and social aspects of mitigation. This chapter will be for the first time part of an IPCC assessment report, focusing on demand-side climate solutions and comprises, for example, research on individual mobility, or household energy use. Leila Niamir contributes to this part as a Chapter Scientist. Jan Minx is a Lead Author of the chapter on emissions trends and drivers; he heads the MCC working group Applied Sustainability Science.

In the past years, the MCC already had the opportunity to make important scientific contributions at the IPCC. When the panel worked on the previous Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), which was published in 2014/15, MCC Director Ottmar Edenhofer was a Co-Chair. Group leader Sabine Fuss contributed as a lead author to the special report on the 1.5-degree target published in October 2018.