MCC ranks first among German climate research institutes in rating of press offices

Eleven facilities examined in the journal prmagazin. Access, accessibility, speed of response as well as the scope and quality of information were evaluated.

Journalist query: a test examines the speed and quality of response. | Photo: Shutterstock/wellphoto


We are delighted and honoured: according to a current "press office test" of the media journal prmagazin, journalists find particularly good services when they address their queries to the Berlin-based climate research institute MCC (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change). The evaluation included eleven research institutes throughout Germany, most of them focusing on the climate/energy sector, but also large economic institutes.

To rank services, the magazine sent a uniform telephone test enquiry on the Federal Government's climate package to all press offices, undercover, of course. It then evaluated the result according to five criteria: is the press office quick to find on the homepage, and easy to contact, how quickly does requested information arrive, how comprehensive  is said information, and of what quality is it according to the enquirer’s point of view. Scoring  188 out of 200 possible points, MCC ranked first. "This is top class", the magazine writes in its test report. The prmagazin has been published since 1975, and with a monthly print run of a good 4,000 copies it informs editorial offices, public relations agencies and press offices about news and trends in the communications industry. The tests examines press offices of changing industries every month.

Further information:
The press office test of prmagazin (in German) can be found here.