Deutsche Klimapolitik sozial gerecht gestalten

Ein neues MCC-Kurzdossier zeigt: Würden die Einnahmen aus einer CO2-Bepreisung für eine progressive Senkung der Einkommenssteuer genutzt, könnte soziale Ungleichheit vermindert werden. Klimapolitik würde zum Gewinnerthema.


That’s how fast the carbon clock is ticking

The MCC carbon clock demonstrates just how much carbon can be released into the atmosphere if global warming is to be capped at 1.5°C, or 2°C. By selecting a choice of temperature targets and estimates, you can see how much time remains in each scenario.


Betting on negative emissions

New technologies are hoped to reduce the CO2 debt. They aim to remove already existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—but also entail serious risks.

MCC discusses social science policy advice

In an expert workshop at the MCC, high-ranking scientists and politicians discuss current challenges and opportunities of social science advice to policy in Europe.

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