Aloe, A., Barends, E., Besharov, D., Bhutta, Z., Cai, X., Gaarder, M., Garside, R., Haddaway, N., Kristjansson, E., Maynard, B., Mazerolle, L., Mildon, R., Miller, S., Minx, J., Neyroud, P., O'Connor, A., Rousseau, D., Saran, A., Starks, J., Stewart, G., Coon, J., Tugwell, P., Valentine, J., Welch, V., Wendt, O., White, H.

Editorial: Fifty Campbell systematic reviews relevant to the policy response to COVID‐19

in Campbell Systematic Reviews, 10.08.2020

Peer Review , Applied Sustainability Sciences

The global severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 pandemic strikingly shows the need for rigorous evidence to inform decisions. During such times of crisis, many decisions are made across multiple sectors and trillions of dollars are spent to deal with its consequences that affect all aspects of economic and societal life. Given the scale of human suffering, thoughtfully designing effective policies, and carefully spending scarce resources on interventions that work during crisis management and recovery, become crucial.