Dr. Sarah Lück


Dr. Sarah Lück

Dr. Sarah Lück is a researcher in the working group Applied Sustainability Science. She is interested in analyzing large text corporas with the goal to create systematic reviews and living maps of research landscapes.

Sarah studied physics at the Potsdam University, completed her PhD on cellular biology at the Humboldt University and has worked as a Data Scientist for the news publisher Axel Springer.


Aktuelle Publikationen

Müller-Hansen, F., Repke, T., Baum, C.M., Brutschin, E., Callaghan, M., Debnath, R., Lamb, W., Low, S., Lück, S., Roberts, C., Sovacool, B.K., Minx, J. , 2023

Attention, sentiments and emotions towards emerging climate technologies on Twitter

Global Environmental Change
Peer Review
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The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal – 1st Edition