Ward, H., Steckel, J. C., & Jakob, M.

How Global Climate Policy Could Affect Competitiveness

in Energy Economics, 02.11.2019

Peer Review , Climate and Development

A global uniform carbon price would be economically efficient and at the same time avoid ‘carbon-leakage’. Still, it will affect the competitiveness of specific industries, economic activity and employment across countries. This paper assesses short-term economic shocks following the introduction of a global carbon price that would be in line with the Paris Agreement. Based on the World Input-Output Database (WIOD), we trace the carbon content of final output through global supply chains. This allows us to estimate how prices of the final output would react to the introduction of a global carbon price. We find that impacts on industrial competitiveness are highly heterogeneous across regions and economic sectors. The competitive position of Brazil, Japan, the USA and advanced economies of the EU is likely to improve, whereas industries and labor markets in newly industrializing Asian economies as well as Eastern Europe are likely to experience substantial adverse impacts.

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