Alkis Blanz


 Alkis Blanz

Alkis Blanz is a PhD candidate in the working group of Economic Growth and Human Development. In his research, he uses heterogeneous agent macroeconomic models to analyze the distributive impact of climate change. Thereby, he tries to understand:

  • the interplay between individual risk profiles and macroeconomic aggregates,
  • heterogeneous risk management and coping abilities of households to climate change impacts and policies,
  • and thus how to design climate policies that consider the distributive impact in general equilibrium.

Before starting his PhD, Alkis worked at MCC and University of Potsdam as a student assistant. Prior working experience includes also the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. He completed both the Bachelor in Economics and the Master in Public Economics at the Freie Universität Berlin.


Aktuelle Publikationen

Blanz, A., Ulrich, E., Heinemann, M., Kalkuhl, M. , 2022

Energiepreiskrise und Klimapolitik: Sind antizyklische CO2-Preise sinnvoll?

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